luni, 9 mai 2011

O noua oferta pentru studenti - Austrian Economics Autumn School

Pentru studentii care doresc sa amane cu cateva zile inceputul urmatorului an universitar - si totusi sa fructifice la maxim timpul respectiv - le recomand sa se inscrie la scoala de toamna organizata in Troyes, Franta de Institut Économique Molinari.

Prezentarea scopului acestui demers este concisa, dar foarte atractiva pentru cei preocupati de teorie economica sanatoasa:

 "Convinced that current economic policy is responsible for crises and based on fallacies, the Autumn School offers a series of conferences highlighting alternatives inspired by Austrian School economists. Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and Murray Rothbard have built powerful analytical tools that are able to account for complex economic phenomena, particularly as relates to the economic cycle. In that light, the Autumn School will try to answer questions such as: Is the financial crisis over? or Have proposed remedies – stimulus plans, debt, bank bailouts – truly helped to heal our struggling economies?
The organizers of the event would like to invite students who are eager to deepen their knowledge on these issues by discovering a range of coherent arguments to explain the complexity of economic issues, as well as professionals interested in understanding the exact meaning and unintended consequences of contemporary economic policies."

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